Finnische Flagge im Wind

Zu lange in Finnland, wenn…


Während meines Aufenthaltes in Vaasa/Finnland war dies der Running Gag unter den Austauschstudenten. Lustig es nochmal zu lesen::

You know you’ve been in Finland too long, when… 


  • You rummage through your plastic bag collection to see which ones you should keep to take to the store and which can be sacrificed to garbage.
  • Your front door step is beginning to resemble a shoe shop.
  • You don’t think twice about putting the wet dishes away in the cupboard to dry.

Food & Beverages

  • It’s acceptable to eat lunch at 11.00.
  • Your coffee consumption exceeds 6 cups a day and coffee is too weak if there is less than 10 scoops per pot.
  • You enjoy salmiakki.


  • Your bad mood becomes your good mood.
  • When a stranger on the street smiles at you, you assume that: he is drunk, he is insane, he is American or he is all of the above.
  • The reason you take the ferry to Stockholm is: duty free vodka, duty free beer, to party… no need to get off the boat in Stockholm.
  • You know that “religious holiday” means “let’s get pissed.”
  • You pass the point of spending more than 50% of your salary on phone calls and alcohol.
  • Silence is fun.
  • “No comment” becomes a conversation strategy.
  • Hugging is reserved for sexual foreplay.
  • You refuse to wear a hat, even in -30 °C weather.


  • You accept that 80° C in a sauna is chilly, but 20° C outside is freaking hot.
  • You seriously consider visiting the sauna more than three times a week.